A little about ourselves

We are a group of passionate golfers.

We know exactly what we want when we play golf. We do not put up with mediocrity, and we know you don’t either.

That is the raison d'être of Golf & Co - to provide golf vacations that become a holiday to remember.

When we go on tour ourselves, we have a few principles we follow. First, it must represent good value. Second, we insist on the highest quality in everything. And third, and most important, the tour must be FUN.

Here’s why experiences with us are in a league of their own:

  • We include courses that other operators do not even consider.
  • We use hotels that meet our, not to mention your, high standards. 
  • Our contact list in the industry is incomparable… we make the impossible possible

We constantly challenge ourselves to break out from the merely ordinary and put on something that sets our pulses - and yours - racing.

We also work with corporate and private groups. Depending on size, we can also tailor your tour to your specific requirements, adding partner programs for non-golfers, desert safaris, day trips and other activities. We have every angle covered.

That’s why you should keep us in mind the next time you’re planning a golf outing!